To collect information on current career guidance strategies adopted by students in the target population, the Self-Guidance Questionnaire (Portuguese form) was administered to students of the Portuguese school “Agrupamento de Escolas de Freixo” in Viana do Castelo. A total of 68 students participated in this survey, 35 males (51,5%) and 33 females (48,5%), aged between 13 and 16 years old.

Data showed that: (1) 51% of the students are planning to continue studying and 22% of the students don’t know what to do after finishing school; (2) 91% of the students will choose his/her own career; (3) 72% of students evaluated the guidance activity as “very important”; (4) the information sources more consulted are family, internet and teachers at school; (5) the skills more recognized by students are teamwork, keep up to date, working toward objectives, initiative, autonomy, and problem-solving abilities; (6) the subjects in which participants are more skilled are sport, scientific subjects, languages and math; (7) the areas that participants think they are going to work on the future are arts, computer science, education/training, mechanical, health and safety/security; (8) 23,5% of the students don’t have a clear idea about his/her future; and (9) the most frequent jobs referred by students are mechanic, police, engineer, software developer and athlete.

Data also showed that 19% of students don’t have a character of inspiration and the most frequent considered characters are family members, Carolina Loureiro (actress), Cristiano Ronaldo (professional footballer) and Shawn Mendes (singer, songwriter and model).