O3. Career Guidance Method. A career guidance method will be developed specifically to frame, optimize, and magnify the positive impact of technology in social development, learning, and development. One key purpose of the project is to provide an effective tool to help optimize career guidance services in schools, thus benefiting students’ vocational development and career management skills. The Consortium will design a career guidance method, based on scientifically validated models, namely, Savickas’ (2015) Life Design constructivist approach to career guidance, that will be used as a base for the career guidance activities, platform design, and definition of the different roles reserved for teachers, psychologists, parents, youths and community stakeholders. Based on a systemic and ecological approach (Bronfenbrenner, 1979, 2005) to career guidance, the platform seeks to include all agents and contexts of every youth’s life in their career-building process.

Platform Links:

IT: https://gbruno.g-guidance.eu

BG: https://18mcurie.g-guidance.eu

GR: https://arsakeio.g-guidance.eu

PT : https://aefreixo.g-guidance.eu

ES: https://lpinos.g-guidance.eu/


Given that the use of the e-platform requires monitoring by school psychologists, any school interested in using the e-platform just needs to send an email to the project coordinator ( Click Here) .