O4. Training and User’s Manual. The Training Manual will be of great value to ensure the correct and consistent implementation of the career guidance process (which includes the use of the platform) across the participation, as it will contain a detailed description of how to train psychologists, teachers, parents/caregivers, and students, accordingly with each actor’s role on the career guidance process. The inclusion of all the actors (psychologists, teachers, youths, and parents/caregivers), as role players in the career guidance process, materialized in the training manual, is a distinctive and innovative trait of G-Guidance when compared with other career guidance methods. We expect that this innovative trait of G-Guidance will cause a positive impact on all the referred actors, in terms of higher levels of engagement in career guidance activities, which will promote continuity between career guidance activities performed at school to family and community contexts. Another dimension of the expected impact of the training manual is allowing all the participants of G-Guidance, in particular the schools’ psychologists, to follow the same training guidelines, which, in turn, is expected to positively impact the consistency of implementation and assessment of the project across countries and cultures.