Last spring we have developed in the school Los Pinos (Algeciras, Cádiz, Spain) the “National Meeting Erasmus+ G-Guidance Project for the development of vocational guidance: Building future”. It is an activity whose objective is the dissemination and presentation of the progress and results of the Erasmus + project called “Gamified Career Guidance: Promoting Meaningful and Participative Career Construction and Vocational Development through a Gamified Digital Platform”. A project co-funded by the European Union, it brings together universities and schools from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Greece.
The G-Guidance project proposes an innovative methodology of vocational guidance that schools, mainly through their school counsellor, can use to help students develop their professional vocation choices. Our method focuses on taking advantage of new technologies. For this, we have developed a digital gamified platform based on an online platform that makes career guidance more evocative, motivating and engaging for students aged 13-17.
This platform is designed to be a digital tool for students, parents and teachers to use in the promotion, self-development and career management of students. It aims to be inclusive by involving the most unmotivated in the construction of their vocational pathway.

Fundamentally, we have shared progress on the four objectives of the programme:
1) to show the multimedia Career Guide we have produced, with useful information on the professions in which students have shown most interest, their main characteristics, pros and cons, and the education and training required to pursue them. For each profession, basic information will be provided, as well as a video in which a real professional will talk about his or her own professional experience.
2) Introduce the Online Digital Platform: it contains all the information on the career guide available for students, counsellors, teachers and parents, as well as a wide range of playful activities for students to explore and play, using the information available in the career guide.
3) to raise awareness of the Vocational Guidance Method. A holistic, integrated and technological method of vocational guidance, based on the most validated and well-accepted guidance models by school counsellors and researchers. And finally,
4) A training and user manual, of great value to ensure the correct implementation of the whole process of vocational guidance.
After the inauguration of the conference, by Mr. Javier Vázquez Hueso. Algeciras City Councillor for Education, together with Mr. Daniel Moreno López. President of the UNED Consortium, and welcomed by Mr. Ángel Saéz Rodríguez, director of Colegio Los Pinos, the presentations were made.
Firstly, Dr. Miguel Ángel Carrasco (UNED) from Madrid, gave the presentation “Conceptual and Methodological Bases of the G-Guidance Erasmus+ Project”.
Then, the guidance counsellor of the centre, Dr. Miguel Á. Rodríguez, spoke about the Implementation of the G-Guidance programme.
After a break and informal meeting, Dr. D. Juan Carlos Pérez González (UNED) presented the paper “Emotional Management and Vocational Guidance”.

And, without a doubt, one of the most enriching moments was the Round Table on “Educational and vocational guidance under debate”. Here Ms. María Ángeles Jiménez, Human Resources Consultant for Inserta Empleo (ONCE) in Ceuta; together with Ms. Patricia Márquez, Teacher at Colegio Los Pinos and Mr. Juan Carlos Mena Uclés, School Counsellor, showed the most experiential side of vocational guidance, enthusing the audience with the human, realistic and close quality of their comments.

Finally, the Director of Colegio Los Pinos, Mr. Ángel Sáez, closed the day.