To collect information on current career guidance strategies adopted by students in the target population, the Self-Guidance Questionnaire (Bulgarian form) was administered to students of the Bulgarian school “General High School F. J. Curie 23 SU”, in Sofia. A sample of 109 students, 50% males and 50% females, aged between 13 and 18 years old.

Data showed that: (1) 77% of the students are planning to continue studying and 9% of the students don’t know what to do after finishing school; (2) 93% of the students will choose his/her own career; (3) 41% of students evaluated the guidance activity as “very important”, being observed that girls find these activities more important than boys; (4) the information sources more consulted are internet, family and discussion with professionals/workers; (5) the skills more recognized by students are teamwork, autonomy, planning and organizing, stress resistance and control, working towards objectives; (6) the subjects in which participants are more skilled are sport, languages and Bulgarian; (7) the areas that participants think they are going to work on the future are design and architecture (girls more than boys), arts (girls more than boys), retail, sales, finance (girls more than boys), real estate, administration, jurisprudence, and marketing (girls more than boys); (8) 29,5% of the students don’t have a clear idea about his/her future; and (9) the most frequent jobs referred by students are footballer, software developer, veterinarian, designer and businessman.

Data also showed that 37% of students don’t have a character of inspiration and the most frequent considered characters are Cristiano Ronaldo (professional footballer), Ariana Grande (singer, songwriter and actress), Grigor Dimitrov (tennis player), Mariza Isabel Goulart Dourado (fashion model), Leonel Messi (professional footballer) and family members (mother).