Nowadays there is so much information available about everything and some of that information isn’t reliable or gets outdated very fast. That also happens with information about professions and careers! Looking for reliable and updated information about professions is a very hard work: there is a lot to read but little to ear.

Have you ever thought about talking with a certain professional about the main features of his or her job, but you don’t know anyone who you can talk with? Or have you ever looked for interviews about specific professions, but you can’t find them on the internet? We can help: our team of Psychologists interviewed more than 50 professionals about the main features of their professions, such as main activities, required trainee, average salary, pros and cons of their jobs. Watching these video interviews allows you to have updated and reliable information on many professions from the perspective of people who are on the labor market and have the necessary know-how to provide information that youths usually look for, or even say something never imagined about a certain profession. The information gathered on our video interviews will help youths making important decisions about their careers, once they provide the possibility of having knowledge on important features for them to take well-informed decisions.

From medical doctors, veterinarians, yoga teachers, journalists, plumbers, chemical engineers, policemen, mathematicians, musicians and so many others: this resource is of great value to help youths on their career construction process.