To collect information on current career guidance strategies adopted by students in the target population, the Self-Guidance Questionnaire (Greek form) was administered to students in the Greek school Arsakeio Lyceum of Patra. A total of 136 students participated in this survey, 69 females (50,7%) and 67 males (49,3%), aged between 14 and 17 years old.

Data showed that: (1) 95,6% of the students are planning to continue studying; (2) 96,3% of the students will choose his/her career; (3) 92% of the students consider the guidance activities “very important”; (4) the information sources more consulted are family (77,2%), internet (58,1%), discussion with professionals (55,1%) and professor at school (51,5%), being that girls tend to consult more frequently the family and discussion with professionals and boys consult more frequently the internet; (5) the skills more recognized by students are communication ability, teamwork ability, working towards objectives, flexibility and adaptability, and problem-solving abilities, being that girls recognize more frequently planning and organizing ability than boys, and boys recognize more frequently leadership skills than girls; (6) the subjects in which participants are more skilled are scientific subjects, languages, math, Greek and sport; (7) the areas that participants think they are going to work on the future are health, scientific, chemical pharmaceutical, administration and engineering, being that girls referred more frequently arts, design and architecture, jurisprudence, marketing and social than boys; (8) the most frequent jobs referred by students are health professional, engineer and lawyer and 19,1% of the students referred they don’t know which job they will do.

Data also showed that 21,3% don’t have a character of inspiration and the most frequent considered characters are family members (26,5%), Stephen Hawking (physicist, cosmologist, author), Bill Gates (software developer, entrepreneur), Lionel Messi (professional footballer), Elon Musk (engineer, industrial designer), Amal Clooney (lawyer, lecturer), George Papanikolau (physician-pioneer cytologist) and Shakira (artist, producer).