Our Project has continued to move forward despite the unforeseen difficulties we have all had to face as a consequence of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic at all levels of human activity, which logically includes the field of career development: “Globally everything has stopped: projects were postponed, and workplaces were closed but this situation has pushed career counselors to search for new opportunities about how career guidance could be carried out” (Sapale et al., 2021).

We are currently about to complete the latest version of our gamified platform with a wide and diverse range of multimedia resources at the service of adolescent students and their career counsellors and schools to assist them in building their own academic and vocational careers in the current international scenario of uncertainty, in which the constants are permanent change, along with continued intercultural permeability, globalisation and the pervasive presence of social networks. This whole scenario exerts on young people a power of enormous attraction of their attention towards multiple focuses that demand, for their appropriate psychosocial adjustment, a feeling of agency and control of their lives, essential for them to become sustainable agents of their own decision-making and construction, in short, of their own lives.

The analysis of career development and career guidance has revitalised its social relevance with the global crisis since 2020, as various international handbooks and institutions have been attesting.

Within the framework of the project, we have produced our first cross-national descriptive research article which we hope will soon be published in an interdisciplinary scientific journal of international standing.

As we continue to move on to the next phase of the project, in which we will test the platform with real schools in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Greece, we invite you to visit the interactive-cooperative resource that we made public during the #Erasmusdays week last October. Check out our G-Guidance project at a glance here.

We continue working to develop new digital tools and scientifically grounded pedagogical practices to enhance the personal growth of young Europeans.

See you soon! (this year we are organizing international meetings; coming soon)